Friday, April 3, 2009

The Art Tart shows all!

Smelling Of Roses by The Art Tart

The Art Tart is top of the bill @ The Brick Lane Gallery show in london

"The exhibition will feature new paintings and stencil works by the sensational artist The Art Tart, presenting her larger than life stencil works through her alter-ego. The Art Tart took the Banksy Cans Festival by storm with her shocking stencil paintings and a performance which was definitely one to remember ... Through her use of various costumes to create the ultimate tarty look with high heels, big red lips, leopard stockings, French knickers and open shirt, she in fact reveals a larger than life character - which, coupled with a few spray cans, takes street art to a whole new level. Combining the genres of performance and art, she crosses into controversial grounds by voluntarily exhibiting her naughty side... Bending over riding a spray can and farting roses reveals a playful side to her light-hearted and tongue in cheek approach to her practice."

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