Friday, March 6, 2009

Shutter Spray

Stokes Croft, Bristol Uk

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can Can

Can Can By The ArtTart

  • A bike shop 8 ft shutter will be getting a spray job in Stokes Croft Bristol in the next week
  • I will be joining in on this sketch book that is being posted around a selection of artists each doing a page or so
  • ARK
Boys Club Nailsworth GL5 OHH 11-21st March
10 day show Nr Stroud with 30 or so crew that work or have worked with Damien Hirst Science ltd

  • Last week I danced naked in a pop video so will shout when its been edited!
  • Am about to be a funky Mother earth for the Eco Detectives event
  • Rose Popay Presents Reform with The Art Tart
one woman group show! at Centre Space gallery Bristol UK 24th April

  • Book me in to come and capture a wedding party celebration on canvas- LIVE! I draw the bride and grome and some features and fill it with drawings of the guests , the event, the place. People are welcome to join in in a controlled manner at at the end a bespoke painting of the wedding is achieved. People love to see this developing throughout the celebrations.- I can dress low key for this!!! contact me for images